Meet our Founder - Joshua Meise

Joshua was born and raised in Prince George and loves living in Northern BC. He grew up working on his parents small farm where he was taught the value of hard work, and of always being honest with the people around him. Josh has carried these attributes into his financial services practice where he always puts the clients needs first, and recommends products and services that are going to best fit each persons needs.

Josh is often heard saying "I love Northern BC, there are so many beautiful places to hike and camp and so many different activities to participate in all year long so close to me, that I cant imagine living anywhere else". His main hobbies include camping, hiking, hunting, sport shooting, and most of all gardening, but generally loves anything that involves the outdoors.

Joshua's Life

Joshua was married in late 2019, and says frequently that without the support of his wife he would not have been able to build a successful financial services business. Growing up Josh was always close with his family and remains so to date and has strong family values. These family values have helped in Joshua's business as he understands the importance of long term planning to ensure a comfortable retirement, but also to ensure loved ones are taken care of when major life events such as a disability or illness, take place unexpectedly.

Before becoming a Financial Advisor Joshua worked in the oilfields of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and worked all over BC and Alberta with the railway, building new track. Josh also spent several years volunteering for a large nonprofit organization in Ontario and it was during that time that he realized he wanted to spend his time helping people, and got into the financial services industry. Joshua continues to volunteer his time for various organizations around Prince George to help make his community a better place to live and work.

A quote from Josh "when I sit down with people and we build a financial plan together, often for their first time, its as if I can actually see the stress leaving their body because now they have a plan of action to help them obtain the comfortable retirement, or other goals everyone is planning on. I love what I do because I get to help relive peoples financial stress, every single day".

Charity Work

The importance of giving back to the community.
Joshua has always thought it was important to give back to the community you work and live in. He uses his talents as a Financial Advisor to help in the community by taking on clients who are struggling financially and helps them build a budget, and a larger more in depth financial plan, to help them manage their cash flow and work their way to financial stability, all at no cost to those who are considered low income and with no obligation to transfer any of their existing assets into his care. If you know anyone in BC that fits the above description and is looking for help getting their head above water financially, please do not hesitate to refer them to Joshua, as this is a labour of love for him.

On top of the financial charity work he does, Joshua also volunteers his time every year for the BC Thanksgiving Day Food Drive, where in 2019 he helped collect and process about 22,000 pounds of food that was donated to the Salvation Army Food bank in Prince George.

He also enjoys spending time volunteering at and donating food to the St. Vincent de Paul Society's soup kitchen, and in the past has volunteered at the BCNE, with Black Spruce Farm Tours, and several other large volunteer organizations in Canada.