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Employees are constantly on the lookout for better opportunities, with a group investment plan you demonstrate why your business is better than the rest in your industry.

Group investment plans (especially when coupled with a group benefits plan) help increase employee retention, maintain and improve productivity, attract and retain key talent for your business, and help prepare your employees for a comfortable and financial stable future with your company.

These plans are easy to set up, have a large fund line up, are low cost to you and employees, and when managed by Omineca Financial they benefit from our active management program (ask us about this).

Part of our commitment to service excellence, is ensuring your employees have a real person to talk with when they want information on their group investment or would like fund recommendation's, we commit to respond to every request within 24 business hours of receiving it. We will also reach out every 6 months to every single employee individually with an assessment of how their investments have been performing and our recommendations of any changes we are recommending. We do this as a value added service for every group at no extra cost to the employer or employee.

Call today for a fast, easy, no fee no obligation quote from one of our expert advisors.

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